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Madurai to Thanjavur taxi price

Why Choose Intercity Riders for Madurai to Thanjavur?

Intercity riders are one of the best taxi services available in and around South India. Intercity riders offer outstanding taxi services like drop taxi, One-way taxi, Round trip taxi, Airport Taxi, Outstation Taxi, and tours & travel services with excellent customer care service. Time is a treasure and saving it is Intercity riders’ pleasure, Intercity riders are punctual. To ensure your convenience, Intercity riders provide cozy seats, desired cars and accommodates a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 25 seats based on your requirements. Intercity riders encounter experienced drivers who are friendly and 100%

Intercity Riders Drop Taxi now offers one way taxi services in and around South India. Intercity riders provide you various options to undergo Madurai to Thanjavur taxi trips. To travel from Madurai to Thanjavur in an outstation taxi, you are afforded with 4 best options. You can pick a one-way drop taxi service, round trip service, outstation taxi packages, and rental services to travel from Madurai to Thanjavur.

Travel 190 km just @Rs.2680 on Sedans (including driver allowance.)

Travel 190 km just @Rs.3440 on SUVs (including driver allowance.)

What makes Intercity Riders- Drop Taxi the most trusted cab service to book drop cabs from Madurai to Thanjavur?

Madurai to Thanjavur taxi

The travel from Madurai to Tanjore takes 3 hours 5 minutes to reach the destination in an outstation taxi service. The distance between Madurai to Tanjore is about 190 km. The shortest route to travel from Madurai to Tanjore is through NH38 road. There are other options to travel from Madurai to Tanjore which takes more time around 4 hours, i.e., via NH44 and NH83 road and via NH36 road. Madurai to Tanjore can be traveled at an affordable rate in the services provided by Intercity riders. Madurai to Tanjore trip can be traveled with the help of different services and cabs. As Madurai to Tanjore is a trip of more than 2 hours, you can prefer the more spacious type of cars. Madurai and Tanjore are the two most important cities in India. These royal cities have the privilege to reveal and both the cities are important tourist attraction spots. The must-visit cities in India.

Drop Trips & Round Trips

One-way drop taxi service helps you to reach your destination at an affordable rate. You can pay for what you have traveled in one-way drop taxi services devoid of extra charges of the returning one-way drop taxi without you. One way drop taxi services are preferable to people who want to stay many days in a destination. One-way drop taxi services are affordable in the services provided by Intercity riders.

Round trip taxi services help you travel to the destination you desire and return with the same round-trip taxi to your actual destination. The advantage of this round taxi service is you can save your minimum charge on a round trip and you can experience a stress-free round taxi ride without the stress of searching the cab for your return. You have various options of cars to travel in round taxi trips. Round taxi trips are more affordable in the services provided by Intercity riders.


Why choose Intercity Riders?

  • Intercity riders are 24/7 available outstation taxi services to serve our customers at any time.
  • ntercity riders care about your safety. You can enjoy a safe and secured outstation ride in our outstation taxi.
  • Intercity riders provide you multiple options to select your required car based on your preferences.
  • Intercity riders afford you the best outstation taxi services which are affordable and transparent in payment details.
  • You can pre-book your outstation taxi in rapid duration and enjoy a stress-free ride in Intercity riders’ outstation taxi services.
  • “Don’t waste your time in researching the best outstation taxi to travel to because you are already at the result of your search. Book us to explore!”

Best drop cabs Madurai to Thanjavur:


● Years of promised Madurai to Thanjavur drop taxi service- Customer Testimonials

● Booking a Intercity Riders Drop Taxi from Madurai to Thanjavur for Reverse Drops


Intercity riders' first and foremost goal is to focus on our customer satisfaction and convenience in our outstation taxi services. Madurai to Thanjavur outstation taxi services afford you the best outstation taxi traveling experience throughout your outstation taxi trip at an affordable rate.Madurai to Thanjavur outstation taxi services accommodate you with on-time pickup and drops. Thereby, our outstation cab services assure to provide you with stress-free outstation taxi rides. Madurai to Thanjavur outstation taxi services comfort you with the best cozy seats to ensure your convenience throughout your outstation taxi trip. Intercity riders encounter well-experienced drivers to make your outstation taxi rides easy to explore. By considering your safety measures, our Madurai to Thanjavur outstation cab services sanitize after every outstation taxi ride and our drivers are instructed to follow the safety precautions throughout the outstation taxi trip. Madurai to Thanjavur outstation taxi services tracks your outstation taxi rides to affirm your safety preferences and accomplish you with 100% safe and secured outstation taxi trips. Intercity riders serve you with 24x7 outstation taxi services. Intercity riders offer the best outstation taxi services by comforting our customers with our customer-friendly outstation taxi services. Intercity riders also consider customer’s reviews to provide the best version of us. All you require is here. Hurry up to hire us!


  • Toll fees, Inter-State Permit charges (if any) are extra.
  • Drop Trips - Minimum running must be 130 Kms per day. Driver Bata - 300. [600 for above 400 kms]
  • Round Trips - Minimum running must be 250 Kms per day. Driver bata is 300/- per day.
  • Driver bata is 600/- per day if the distance travelled is more than 500kms in a single day.
  • 1 day means 1 calendar day (from midnight 12 to Next Midnight 12)
  • Hill station charges - 300.
  • Breaking journey will cost the customer extra. Waiting Charges - 120 per hour.


The Madurai to Thanjavur one way taxi fare starts from Rs2680.
One of the best and the most comfortable ways of traveling from Madurai to Thanjavur is a road trip by car.
Intercity Riders — Drop Taxi offers completely customizable one-way, one-day and multi-day drop taxi services from Madurai to Thanjavur. We are available 24/7 to book your drop cabs. There are zero fees on cancellation, Madurai to Thanjavur taxi fare.
Yes, it is perfectly safe to travel to Thanjavur now if you are traveling in your private vehicle or if you hire a sanitized cab from Intercity Riders — Drop Taxi. All drivers are educated and trained as per the government-issued safety guidelines.
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